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Face ID: now Android manufacturers want to copy Apple



Face ID: Iphone X

As reported by DigiTimes, Oppo and Xiaomi have already taken a closer look at appropriate 3D detection components and approved designs. The two Chinese big manufacturers are said to have chosen a solution that is offered in cooperation of Qualcomm, and Truly Opto-electronics. According to DigiTimes sources, Huawei is also interested in the this technology.

But also the supplier Largan Precision, who currently has technological advantages and the necessary capacities and patents, is working in this area. The company already supplies components for the cameras in the iPhone including the devices of various Android manufacturers.

While many other devices already offer recognition of the face for identification, unlike the iPhone X these solutions are usually easy to mislead, for example with a simple photo.

The race for the newest features goes into the next round. For example, some Android manufacturers have been offering almost frameless devices for some time now.