In this tutorial we will show you how to change or repair/write the IMEI for any smartphone based on Mediatek chipset, and actually we will do that with program called SN Writer tool. Don’t worry because it is very easy to do that just follow the next steps, and we do not answer for any possible problems.

Tutorial: write and generate IMEI using SN Write Tool for any MTK smartphone

In first step you need to download and extract the program on your computer, and you can download from here.

Step 2: now open the program Writer.exe.

Step 3: now you need to click on ComPort settings and you need to choose USB VCOM.

Step 4: Of course for Target Type you will need to choose smartphone.

Step 5: Now you need to click on System Config.

Step 6: After the loading is done, then you’ll need to select Wifi Address, IMEI, and BT Address in Write Option.

Step 7: Also keep in mind if you have dual-sim smartphone then you need to select Dual IMEI option, or if you have a single SIM smartphone then in this situation you don’t need to select anything.

Step 8: After that you will need to under the Database File option add required files AP_DB and MD1_DB, and don’t forget that all files comes with firmware of your smartphone.

Step 9: Click save button now.

Step 10: Click start button now.

Step 11: Now you will need to write all required address for IME1, IME2, Bluetooth and Wifi, and then click ok.

Step 12: At this moment you can connect your smartphone through USB, but you’ll need to do that after you turn off your phone and remove the battery.

Step 13: After IMEI writing is finished, you will receive Green Pass message.


  1. after flashing of intex aqua 5.5 vr i m getting error of IMEI null and hard reset option is not working nvram error and also use all method to write imei but could not be fix the error of kernel port handshake meta boot fail.

    have you any solution

  2. I am trying to flash iPad Pro “NO IMEI” but only Serial and the Serial is 12 Digits so it keeps asking me for the IMEI 14 Digits to finish the processing… I am going in LOOPS.