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MediaTek to launch it’s own line of Smart Devices



Photo: MediaTek

MediaTek, one of the world’s largest fabless semiconductor companies has recently announced it’s plans to launch it’s own line-up of smart devices, with an estimated roll-out date of late 2020 for the Indian market. That said the choice amounts to more tan just trying to enter the smartphone market, and in usual MediaTek fashion the choice is part of a larger process and commitment from the company to the Indian territory.

The announcement which came not too long ago comes down to a new collaboration the semiconductor giant is starting, this time with VVDN Technologies an Indian engineering, cloud and manufacturing company. Their current goal is to improve the efficiency and quality of both home and office life by offering a suite of smart options for both spaces. Powered by MediaTek technology and rolled out by VVDN the new line-up of Smart Devices proves to be an exciting venture in India, as prices can be expected to stay in the local range, making it more accessible to both companies and households.

This new venture in the Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) market is one that both companies are heavily invested in, and during this process both MediaTek and VVDN will work hand in hand to oversee the design, development and manufacturing of a wide variety of Intelligent devices including but not limited to cameras, voice assistants, home automation and smart speakers.

While seeing the name MediaTek tied to a smart device launch might surprise some people the fact is that the company has long been tied with the business. Smart Watch owners in particular are highly acquainted with them as Mediatek watch faces are by far one the most common pick by watch users across the world. While the company hadn’t launched it’s own set of devices before this announcement the MediaTek Smart Device app had long proved to be a versatile and powerful application for the management and modification of smart devices. To the point that Smart Device allowed even iOS users to change watch faces despite the fact that the program was designed for Android in the first place.

All in all this shows that both when it comes to the mechanics and the programming of smart devices MediaTek has the potential to stand alongside any other company in the market and while this current collaboration is meant for India and house automation nobody should act too surprised if this is just the first step in a larger business plan.

Currently however the company’s focus is solely on India, by collaborating with local talent and building on the existing infrastructure in the country MediaTek plans to make technology more available, more accessible and more prevalent in the daily life of Indian citizens. While MediaTek technology is already abundant inside appliances in the country this is one of the largest projects the company has spearheaded on the territory in a long time. And it shows that MediaTek still sees a promising market in the region, only the future will tell how large will it grow in due time.