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LEAGOO Lead 7 powerful 4500mAh smartphone




If you need a smart phone with high-capacity battery at affordable price then you might want to know this. New Chinese company LEAGOO has introduced the new smartphone called Lead 7. From available information I can say that this device would be interesting to many potential customers. Because it has or it comes with high-capacity battery. According to the company it has capacity of 4500mAh which is really impressive.

This battery offers about 23 hours of talking and about 450 hours of standby mode. If this is true this would be really cool to have. Also if you like to listen to the music or watch your favourite TV shows the battery offers about 30 hours of music play and 16 hours of video play.

LEAGOO Lead 7 (1)

From other information I can say that LEAGOO Lead 7 supports fast charging function and with one hour of charging your battery will be 80% charged. It also has 5 inch JDI HD screen and because of that it has lower power consumption. If you like take photos the Lead 7 is great choice because it is equipped with 13 megapixel Sony camera.

The price for this device is $129.99 but you have opportunity to use the coupon: LEAGCN, which lowers the price to $114.99. I think this is really great buy and you can buy the Lead 7 here using coupon.

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