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Nokia 10: leaked new specs of this flagship phone!



When we think about the Nokia 10 then we can say that we expect at least 6.2 inch AMOLED screen, which was several times mentioned before. But we have additional information about display, which says that the screen should cover more than 85% of front side of the smartphone. Therefore when we speak about build quality then we can say that the case will be made from metal which provides premium feeling.

At this moment there are still many speculations about Nokia 10, and from latest information it should come with latest chipset Snapdragon 845. But mostly speculations are about cameras, and from available information it should come with dual rear camera setup where both rear cameras will have 16 megapixel sensor.

But what is most interesting both cameras will work in combination with rotating lens which will have additional 5 lenses. Actually this kind of system is called Penta-lens setup which is allowing 10x optical zoom including five levels of aperture.

nokia 10 camera

Therefore we believe that at MWC 2018 we will finally see Nokia 10 in action.