Xiaomi Pocophone F1 [REVIEW]

Something is stirring up the waters in the smartphone world, and who would have guessed, it's Xiaomi. Known for producing great phones at great prices and making...

Xiaomi Pocophone F1 [UNBOXING]

There's a new player on the field, and this one is a first of it's kind! Xiaomi started their "Pocophone" brand of phones which aims to bring...

Xiaomi Mi A2 [REVIEW]

Xiaomi has added a second competitor to it's Mi A series of smartphones. Both the Mi A1 and the Mi A2 are known for being extremely well...

KKTick DT No.1 F18 Smartwatch [REVIEW]

We got another Number One smartwatch, and this time it's the KKTick DT No.1 F18! Unlike the old F7, this watch has gotten quite the change in...

Nokia X6 [REVIEW]

Nokia, a famous name, a company that was one of the best and most known. Not only did they create the world-renowned Nokia 3310, they also had...

Elephone A4 [REVIEW]

Why did Apple put the notch on the screen? Why complicate the design and reduce available space on screens which are limited in size? Many hours are...
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