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Samsung Galaxy Note FE has a promise: nobody explodes



If you remember how many problems Samsung had with Galaxy Note 7. Then it was logical and expected to see smaller size battery for Galaxy Note FE (Fan Edition).

If you don’t know nothing about this smartphone then we can tell you that the Galaxy Note FE is actually the refurbished Galaxy Note7 with battery which is smaller when we speak about the dimensions comparing with first version.

Also just in case Samsung promises that Note FE will not explode, so you don’t need to worry about that. But the main question is, is this the same smartphone as before? Simply the answer is yes.

So Galaxy Note FE has battery with capacity of 3,200mAh which is actually 300mAh less than the Note7’s battery. Also at this moment Samsung Galaxy Note FE is only available in Korea, so we hope that it could be available outside Korea.


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