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Tomtop: back to childhood really cool promotion



Article photo: Tomtop back to childhood really cool promotion

Chinese online shop Tomtop has prepared awesome promotion, actually they have prepared many different cool products like NES game console.

But this is not all because they have also prepared other gadgets like toys, cars, puzzle chess. Therefore there is also Science microscope. From what we can see all products return us to childhood especially NES console.

But to see complete promotion from Tomtop please visit this link.

However our favorite gadget is definitely NES console which you can play your favorite childhood games like Super Mario, but it has also other games because it comes with built-in 600 classic games. So almost exactly any other game from your childhood. But what is most interesting that it has HDMI. So you can normally connect to your TV.

So if you’re interested in NES game machine called Coolbaby please visit this link.