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Try 3D printing with Anet A8, best cheap 3D printer on the market



If you always enjoyed building things, you probably didn’t miss that technology very recently proposed 3D printers to curious masses. Yes, if you played with Lego bricks as a kid, you will love the idea of a digital 3D model printed to reality in front of your eyes.

I know, sometimes it is hard to start a new thing and you are afraid of the things you’d need to learn to master the craft.

But some products are better to start with than the others.

You should consider the Anet A8, a prime example of an affordable DIY 3D printer kit for beginners.

This piece of technology comes in parts and firstly you will need to assemble it. But don’t worry, rather – be excited! Along with it come all the necessary tools and there’s tons of support and great online communities to help you with the task, and as you progress you will find satisfaction not only in building the thing, but also understanding how it works.

You will probably need a few attempts to get the right look of the 3D models you printed, but once you get a handle of things you will be amazed at the results. For its price, the Anet A8 works charms! Check out what Pevly 3D printed with Anet A8:

The end results can compare with those of much more expensive 3D printers. Photo by Pevly

Pevly says the 3D Empire State Building is one his bigger successes. It looks very detailed. Photo by Pevly

This is really amazing as you can see, you can search the web for 3D models to print or even make your own. You can find a lot of this on Thingiverse, prepare to be amazed! The technology holds a lot of potential and you can also use it to discuss it with children and let them learn as they play with it. But you should always be there as there’s electronics and heat involved.

For a really cheap price of only $159,99 you can buy Anet A8 and introduce new technologies to your world, to get functional things or toys and to experiment with 3D modelling and various materials. You should definitely check it out, amongst other things at TomTop where you can find amazing products with cheap prices.