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What to Do If Clicks Don’t Register in Android Apps on a Chromebook



If you don’t know actually apps on Chromebooks can be very useful. We this applications you can have more features and functions, but sometimes of course something is not working as it should to work because it is still in beta.

So according to the many people the biggest problem is with Android apps in Chrome OS is that they are not responding as they should to or they don’t respond at all with mouse or touch. We know that this problem can be very frustrating, so we will tell you how to fix this problem.

So if you have these problems with some applications then we recommend you to put application in full screen mode. You will need to click the full screen button on my Chromebook’s keyboard.

At this moment we don’t know why this fix all the problems but anyway it is a quite easy fix to do that. So you can better experience Android app on your Chromebook.