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Xiaomi Mi Automatic Door Lock Pro: How it can Help You Stay Safe



Photo: Xiaomi

The Xiaomi Mi Automatic Smart Door Lock Pro is an intelligent door lock that can be opened by scanning your finger or face. It is designed with an ultra-fast fingerprint scanner, voice control, self-powered design, and an intelligent unlocking system. It can be installed in most residential doors in minutes. The Xiaomi Mi Automatic Smart Door Lock Pro has an interactive LCD touchscreen with two buttons on the top of the device. In addition, the touchscreen features a fingerprint scanner that unlocks the unit when you place your finger on it. It also has a camera that activates when the door is locked to take pictures of anyone who tries to open it without permission.

The Best Features of the Xiaomi Mi Automatic Smart Door Lock Pro

The Xiaomi Mi Smart Door Lock Pro is an AI-enabled lock that can provide security for doors with one hand. The safety also employs a smart-locking system that will automatically unlock the door when it detects the user’s proximity. It means that there are many features to this product, not just one – so let’s take a look at what they are!

One of the most common problems faced by every customer is the security of their home. There are several ways to increase their safety, but there is no way to be 100% fail-safe. However, Xiaomi Mi Automatic Smart Door Lock Pro is a Game Changer. The Xiaomi Mi Automatic Smart Door Lock Pro is a hardware kit that allows you to open and close your door with just one tap on your smartphone. The kit also includes two smart bolts for locking and unlocking, which have a very tight grip and can detect any movement while being used through the app on your smartphone. These bolts have been designed to ensure maximum safety for your home while giving you complete control over it.

The Xiaomi Mi Automatic Door Lock Pro is an intelligent door lock that can be installed on doors with thickness up to 55mm, providing five exceptional use cases: 

  1. Realizing Entry-Exit Management by Face Recognition
  2. Providing Home Security With Remote Control
  3. Making it Safer for Kids to Play Outdoors
  4. Intruder Prevention with Alarm Function
  5. Daily Life Intelligence Assistance

About Mi Automatic Door Lock Pro

The Xiaomi Mi Automatic Door Lock Pro integrates a camera that lets you see who’s at your door when the bell rings. It’s an essential upgrade to standard door locks! The camera has a built-in “smart” system that runs on artificial intelligence. This allows it to capture footage at up to 172º angles of view. All of this information can be seen live on your smartphone, which is connected to the camera. This camera avoids unnecessary alerts by using a people detection algorithm. It does this by only focusing on the movement of humans while ignoring any activity from pets or objects in the room.

This model has a fingerprint reader with a 98.94% success rate that makes it easier for registered users to open the door using their fingers. It also works with devices via NFC, Bluetooth, or by entering a PIN code. When you have the remote with you, you have to use your mobile app to control it. 

You can integrate the remote into HomeKit so that it works seamlessly with other devices. With up to a year of autonomy on a single charge, this lock has one battery for the lock and another for the camera. You can enjoy the whole 8 hours of brightness on the camera side before it needs recharging. The camera has a built-in battery that can last around 3 to 5 months per charge.