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GFXBench confirmed Xiaomi Mi 6 specs: Snapdragon 835 + 6 GB RAM!



Today suddenly appeared technical specifications for Xiaomi Mi 6 at GFXBench database with code-name “Sagit” (Sagittarius). Actually this flagship phone has been confirmed by Lei Jun, and it will be released in April. But we didn’t know what hardware will have as officially has not yet announced.

But as we said earlier suddenly GFXBench updated its database. So Xiaomi Mi 6 will have5.15-inch 1080p screen where under the hold will have Snapdragon 835. But what is most interesting it will different CPU frequency depending on model.

From other information we can tell you it seems that Xiaomi Mi 6 will be available in two versions, so we will have 4GB/64GB and 6GB/128GB where 4GB version will have CPU frequency 2.2GHz while 6 GB RAM model will use 2.4GHz. Overall from GFXBench tests we can see approximately25-35% better results with Snapdragon 835.