Chinese tablet

Hi guys I want to show you how you can repair your Chinese tablet which does not want to turn on or charge. This is the common problem with Chinese tablets, so in this tutorial you can see how you can fix it.

Lately many people are buying tablets from China because of low price. And unfortunately some tablets are low quality and there are high chances to become faulty. There are many possible faults but I have seen many tablets with same problem. The most common problem with Chinese tablets are: wonโ€™t charge, it does not turn on or it wonโ€™t boot.

So if you have this problem with tablet from China and you have tried too hard reset the device. Then I maybe have solution for you if cause of the problem is not something else. So if your tablet does not want to turn on or charge it can be easy fix for you because sometimes the battery freezes and does not recognise charger or power on off function.

Before you do anything please try to charge with other charger which is 100% working. So in this way you can check if the charger is faulty or not. But please use only the charger with same output voltage. If tablet after that is still not working then you can try to connect to the computer with USB cable. And again if the tablet is not working properly, then unfortunately you need to open your tablet.

Please be very careful while you are opening the tablet because you can damage your screen. Most tablets does not have the screws, they have holders. So sometimes is not so easy to open, there are many videos on YouTube so you can check how to do that.

Okay when you open the tablet it will look something like on photo below. So first you can check the voltage and amps of the battery. If voltage or amps are zero then you need to try directly charge the battery with li-on charger. And please use only the adequate charger because the battery can explode if you use the wrong charger.

If the battery is okay then you can do this, you can see that the battery is connected to the motherboard with two wires. The one wire is red and other is in black. You will need to disconnect the red wire from motherboard. For this you will need to use soldering iron. When you have disconnected the red wire from motherboard then you need to put the red wire on place where is not touching anything.

repair a tablet

Okay when you do that you need to connect your Chinese tablet to charger only for a few seconds. During charge it may show sparks. After a few seconds disconnect the charger from tablet and reconnect the red wire back to the motherboard.

When you do that try to turn on the Chinese tablet. If the problem was only in the battery the tablet should work but if the problem is somewhere else like on motherboard then unfortunately tablet will not work.

I am not responsible for any possible problems or damages, you are doing this at your own risk.

Any questions please ask

Thank you


  1. my dear friend
    I had test your method but this wont work for me
    In one model never power up and in other power on then hang on logo page
    That cant connect to the PC for flash or any thing .
    However thanks for your shared education.

  2. This worked for me. I de-soldered the red wire, left it for 60 seconds then plugged the charger in and pressed the power button. The tablet booted. I soldered the wire back on and the tablet is working fine now. Thanks for the tip!

  3. Thanks for this guide!!

    I’ve tried with a chinese tablet and I desoldered the red wire and connected the power adapter and the tablet turned on and left connected for ~60seconds, disconnected the power adapter, soldered the red wire and again I connected the power adapter but the tablet wont turn on

    I think that the battery it’s deffective, I’ve no tried yet but it’s possible to charge directly the battery with power adapter 5v 2000mA?

  4. Do you know of any website that supply new batteries for broken Chinese made ones, like batteries for the Chuwi DX1 with the rotating camera? The manufacturer support is below par, and the retailer is in HK, so all very difficult to fix the otherwise perfect tablet. It just won’t boot up any more.

  5. Hi ! Thanks for all this information. Unfortunately, I don’t see it helping me with my problem. My Chuwi Vi8 dual-boot stopped working after I reverted back to Windows 8.1 from Windows 10. At the time, both Op. systems worked fine. Since, I keep getting a boot loop when I turn it on and it doesn’t stop until I hold the on/off key for a few second after it shuts down. The message I received is: ๐Ÿ™ Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart. We’ll restart for you. If you’d like to know more, you can search online later for this error:

    I’m no wizz at this stuff, so I don’t know what to do to get my tablet working. Has anyone had this problem? Can anyone offer any help? Thanks in advance. Appreciate anything you can do. Lou

  6. i dont have problem with the battery ,the problem i have is i can’t get my laptop to see the tablet
    all it show is as a hard drive e and f but it wont even boot pass the android screen,ive tried all different programs but most say i need to have the tablet’s usb enable to see the laptop, but i cant even do that when it cant even pass the android screen so there is no way i can figure out how to re install the 4.4
    it used to show a mtk65xx but when it tries to turn off that part goes away so cant even install the drives or anything

  7. hi. how to riper my androd tab. not chaging i chang battry and filashin but not open only battry chaging mark wiht charger remove charger closs tab agen conact chager only chaginv mark pls help

  8. Hopefully someone can help me out… I have the Chuwi Hi8 and I can’t get it to connect to my laptop, the touch screen will not work when it’s in the windows OS, the network driver is not working so I can’t get online. Not sure what to do. HELP!!!



  9. Dear sir,

    thanks a lot, my chuwi hi12 was not changing, I have linked it to my PC USB portal 2.0 and it started charging again

  10. This worked for me. Mine is a Chuwi V88. Tks a lot. I had already tried everything else and had already bought a Hi10. I gave this V88 it’s last chance to live and it did. This V88 was headed to the garbage if this last attempt failed.

  11. I didnt had soldering, so i cut the red wire and connected the charger then the screen started blinking. But then i removed the charger and connected it to the mother board. Then i pressed the power button but it didnt switch on! Pls reply me

  12. Any ideas about the pattern lock if it is still present once I get the device back up and running? Is there a hard reset or some way to remove it? I can t even remember what my google account details are for this tablet and it s all in chinese so don t even know what it is saying.

  13. I disconnected the red wire, plugged it in and it lit up immediately! So I let it run for a few seconds, then unplugged it, resoldered the red wire and plugged the charger back in. No reply…..

    Should we leave it plugged in when we resolder the red wire? That seemed to be what some people did for whom it worked.


  14. Hey
    My tip- before opening the tablet is to re-calibrate the battery.
    I have a Chuwi iv10 and it work for me.
    I just go into BIOS setting by pressing โ€˜Escโ€™ key when
    Chuwi chinese writing logo appear when booting,
    Left it on for approx 45 min until it powered off because battery is completely drained.
    Then charge it (tablet stays off) until 8-9 hours.
    Mission complete .

  15. Chuwi hi8 I did changed bios stting usb did not work wi.dows no android.dnx mod is ok no firmware install still %11 and are in buble menu ok but no screen is touchable there.charging ok but no start any can i fix it.there is no jumper in bios how can i reset bios technically?

  16. Hi.
    My cube Talk8 has booting problem in that it boots endlessly.
    Problem started during a factory reset as battery ran out before completion.
    The battery still charges to 100%, but it boots but does not on.
    Tried factory reset again but will simply boot endlessly
    What can be done please?


  17. I bought a broken Cube iWork10 tablet that would just briefly flash the blue LED when the power button was pressed and this fixed it for me. Thank you so much!
    After resoldering the battery I just had to leave it plugged into the USB-C charger for about 10 minutes (the charge LED didn’t light up during this time). After about 10 minutes the blue charge light began blinking and it powered on as normal.

  18. hi,
    I did like you said, it worked again. but after I charged my tablet, charging light continue blinking and I couldn’t turn on again. I unplug and re-solder the red wire and worked again but, after I charged, again don’t turn on. I need to unplug and solder again after every charge. What could be the problem? what can I do to solve the problem.

  19. Johnny, My Sur-Book battery went to 0% before I could charge it; And now I’m having the problem of not charging!
    It sounds like you are trying to charge the battery directly connecting to Red wire (un-soldered) And so you are by-passing the USB-C charging Port is this correct?

  20. working, thank you
    1) soldering red wire out
    2) ~60 seconds on charger
    3) soldering back
    4) working again

  21. Hello ! Can you please help me to solve an issue with my tablet maxxed mavigator. The problem is first it go stucked on android logo. When I took it for repair now it wont power on. When i open the cover and touch the board the ram and some components are overheating.