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Infinitton Smart Screen Keyboard Review



What is the Infinitton Smart Screen Keyboard?

So a few days ago we received very interesting gadget called Infinitton Smart Screen keyboard. So from the name you can guess that this is actually a small keyboard which has actually 15 programmable keys. But what is most interesting every key has a small LED screen which is actually really cool. So in our review the will provide to you most interesting features of this gadget.

Build quality

So actually you can see this is a small keyword which has 15 programmable keys as we said earlier. It does not take too much space, and because of that you can put it anywhere on your desk. Near your regular keyword or somewhere else. The case is made from plastic while the buttons are made from rubber.


So all what you need to do is connect Infinitton keyboard to your computer which is running Windows or Mac OS. From what we can see it is recommended to use Windows 10 operating system, but you can also use on a computer with Windows 7 or above. The same situation as also with Mac. And you can start to use, but if you want to customize your programmable keys then you need to download software from their official website.

After you do that you can customize any button according to your needs. What is really cool you can put some image, text, or something else like CPU Status. So when you download the software and then you install it. In this software you can do that, and for example you can also make simple hotkeys, or even when you press one button to execute some program or go directly to website.

For example if you are a gamer, or in other words if you like to play games then this is perfect gadget for you. Because you can setup shortcuts for volume up and down, screen capture, but also shortcuts for opening directly games. Therefore you can also make a shortcut for mute like muting speakers and muting mic.

But also you can have fun and put some funny images for your programmable keys.

Price Info

At this moment it costs $149, which is a fair price for these kind keyboard, and if you want you can buy it below.

Infinitton shop


Infinitton Smart Screen keyboard is very useful gadget, and at the same time it provides simplicity. In other words it is very easy to use, and it can be used in many different situations for gaming purposes but also for business.