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Nubia suddenly announced the new dual camera phone with very low price



Just now Nubian official microblogging page published a message, this month on the 21st will be released a new smartphone. From official poster we can see that the main feature definitely will be dual camera setup, logically because this is the current trend of the development of smartphones.

In fact at the MWC 2107 show Nubian general manager Ni Fei accepted CCTV interview, and accidentally exposed their new phone. Where the back is equipped with a dual camera, therefore the dual camera is wide-angle + telephoto program, or color + black and white program, it is not clear at this moment.

For this dual-camera smartphone the source revealed that may be part of the Nubia M series, and because of that the suspect that it will have strong processor, at least 3GB RAM. But what is most interesting that the price is pleasantly very low around $220.

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