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Oukitel K3 in Sony style is coming with large battery and dual curved glossy cover



If you take a closer look on the smartphone market then you can see that mostly big battery smartphones has monotonous design. Because of that to some people these kind of design is not interesting. Because they love to have good looking smartphones. So actually it is a good idea to create large battery smartphone with unique design.

So today for the first time we can see photos of Oukitel K3 which looks awesome, and it is very similar to some Sony smartphones. It is very elegant offering combination with craftsmanship and art. Actually design is inspired by Sony Xperia XZ series, and they believe that you will like thier new K3 device.

Because besides beautiful design it will have dual rear camera setup: 16MP+16MP. But this is not all because it will have large battery or in other words high-capacity buttery with 6000mAh capacity.

For more information you can visit their official website.