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Alfawise V1 Review – cheap gaming mechanical keyboard with RGB backlight




If you are looking for affordable gaming mechanical keyboard then you should definitely consider Alfawise V1. Because for the start it looks awesome and it has many cool features. Besides that it comes with Blue switch, or in other words keyboard switch type is Blue Switch. Which is definitely the best solution for gaming but also for typing.

From what we can see it does not require any additional drivers, so it is just plug-and-play and you can start use the mechanical keyboard Alfawise V1.

Build quality & Display

When we talk about the build quality and design it is very similar to one another keyboard called Razer Blackwidow. Because for the start it has the on same location logo with backlight. But the construction and dimensions are very similar also. Alfawise V1 is completely black and it has 105 keys where USB cable is length 1.6m. Where keyboard itself is not too big or too small for any kind of table.


So for the beginning we can say that these mechanical keyboard has RGB backlight. So you can normally change backlight color to any color you want from several available like green, red, blue, white, and there is also an option to choose colorful color.

Colors can constantly light or can tremble in several different modes, it these just up to to choose which one you most like. Or if you prefer more you can select mode where only the keys for gaming are illuminated. Overall it has as you can see enough different modes for playing. Also don’t be afraid because it is quite easy to change modes with just several clicks.

Price info

At the beginning of these review we told you that mechanical keyboard Alfawise V1 is affordable. This is actually true because the price is around $45, and in our opinion for these price it is a great choice.

Overall it is a really cool gaming keyboard and if you are interested you can buy it at that these online shop.

Don’t forget that it uses Blue Switch type which is used also in much much more expensive keyboards, and it has RGB backlight with many different backlight modes. A real treat for gamers!