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Four Ways Smartphones Can Make You More Spiritual



Photo: Pixabay

People often say that smartphones can make us smarter and more productive. However, these gadgets could also make us more spiritual and be more aware about ourselves. Unlike what some people say, smartphones are not really the digital incarnation of devil. They can bring a lot of positive things into our lives.

1. Listen to spiritual podcasts

As a person, you have the obligation to grow and achieve new things. One of the benefits is that you can develop your spiritual capability. One way to do this is by listening to spiritual podcasts. With podcasts, you can listen to experts and mentors in spiritual matters, regardless of the location. Some smartphone models have preinstalled podcast apps, so you can immediately find podcasts that can nourish your spiritual sense. Subscribe and regularly listen to them.

2. Start a scripture reading plan:

Depending on your religious belief, you should read a chapter or a small portion of your holy scripture before you go to sleep. Once you do it every day, it could become a part of your lifestyle and you won’t feel complete without it. It takes time to develop an ingrained habit such as this. For any major religion, there is a relevant app that allows people to read their holy scriptures easily. Choose an app that includes features like automatic reminder and bookmark. When you do this, you will be on your way of having daily reading habit.

3. Pray

It’s a fact that smartphones hinder many people from praying. In reality, you could do just the opposite. Look for apps that contain popular prayers in your religion. The app should include a reminder, so you will remember to pray at specific time of the day. Prayers should be placed in different categories, so you can choose the one that’s relevant to your situation.

4. Read spiritually inspiring nonfiction:

Find relevant spiritual nonfiction reading material, which will motivate and inspire you, because it’s based on real-life stories. A good way is to disable social media app in your daily situation. Android includes an option to manually disable the app, without uninstalling them. Social media can be quite consuming in terms of time and take a huge part of your lives. So, you need to set boundaries. Turning off notifications may not be enough, because it’s easy for you to check latest updates by clicking on the app. Eventually, you will feel definite benefits by restricting social media usage. When we unplug ourselves from social media, we could tune in to our spiritual well being. Social media is beneficial in some situations, but you shouldn’t let it dominate your life.