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Google Chrome Extensions: Get the Most Out of Your Online Experience



Photo: Unsplash/Firmbee

Google Chrome is the most popular web browser globally, and it’s not hard to see why. With a massive range of extensions available, you can make your browsing experience more efficient and enjoyable. These six extensions will help you get the most out of Google Chrome.


AdBlock is an extension for the Google Chrome browser that blocks ads, including Facebook ads, YouTube pre-rolls, and other online advertisements. It also has a feature that blocks tracking cookies. It is beneficial when you want to calmy browse your internet or watch movies without any interruption.


If you have been a Firefox user, you may be familiar with the browser’s handy history search tool. Enter the beginning of a URL, and you will see a brief history of searches. This will show all the sites you’ve visited in order by number. However, some people might feel less satisfied with this change when they switch from Firefox to Chrome, as Chrome’s Omnibar is more beneficial for Google searches and does not show your browsing history. That’s why Bomnibox will become your new best friend and help you with the number of visits to each page.

Photo: Unsplash/Nathana Rebouças


Lots of people have more than one password for different apps. It’s hard to remember which one do you need for each website – so you try them until one works. This can be time-consuming and a pain! To avoid the hassle of trying to remember all your passwords, you have LastPass. It is a password manager you can use for Chrome that stores all your passwords. So instead of having to remember each username and password, you only have to memorize one: the LastPass password.


While browsing your many open tabs, you may have difficulty finding the one you want. The OmniTab extension helps prevent this by highlighting your current tab by fading out the rest. Clicking on an inactive tab will underline it and fade out the others. To activate it, first install the plugin in Chrome. Once installed, type the letter in a blank omnibar and press the space bar. To switch to your other tab, enter the name of the website you want to visit and select it when it pops up in the list of tabs.

Super Dark Mode

More than 90% of different professionals work in front of a screen all day. This works well for some people, but it can also sore their eyes. One of the biggest problems with at-home computer work is eye strain, which happens because you’re looking at a bright screen all day. This makes using dark mode a considerable help. For example, Super Dark Mode is an extension that extends Google Chrome’s functionality to adjust brightness and color temperature according to ambient lighting automatically.


Momentum is the perfect tool for anyone who wants a more relaxing environment to work in. This browser extension displays the current time, a calm background, and inspiring quotes at the top of your screen. Momentum promises to help you stay focused and productive. It will show what’s most important on your screen and enables you to be more creative.