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Oukitel K10000 Pro with the biggest battery capacity 10000mAh



We believe that has passed almost one year now from release date of K10000. Now is obviously time for new battery monster. So we are talking about Oukitel K10000 Pro which actually it was announced a few months before but never officially confirmed until now. If you dont know K10000 Pro has the biggest battery capacity 10000mAh in the world!

For beginning this Chinese company has confirmed that the name will be Oukitel K10000 Pro, and not K10000S like before. Also at this moment we have only one official photo on which we can see some design differences. It will have 4 corners with the 4 sides which are more straight than the previous design. Also the backside looks more neat and fashion than before. They done a great job because it looks really cool.

But besides design Oukitel K10000 Pro will have 5.5 inch Full HD screen, and under the hood it will have huge high-capacity battery with capacity of 10000mAh! At this moment this is the only smartphone with these kind of capacity. Also it will support fast charging 12V/2A, so according to the company it will need approximately 2 and half hours to get fully charged phone.