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OUKITEL K6000 Plus fight with Ulefone Power 2, who wins?



OUKITEL K6000 Plus fight with ulefone power 2

As you may already know these two dual-sim smartphones are very similar when we speak about technical specifications or built-in hardware. So in this article we will compare OUKITEL K6000 Plus and Ulefone Power 2 to see which one is better in any way.

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Of course Ulefone has officially made a video where is comparing Power 2 with K6000 Plus, where is showing how their Power 2 is better. But if you look closely then you can see how conditions are not fair.

So OUKITEL has made the same thing recording a video in which is comparing these two smartphones under same condition.

For example we already know that K6000 Plus has 6080mAh battery and a 12V/2A quick charger, while Power 2 has 6050mAh and 9V/2A charger. Then they have decided to be a fair challenge, set the smartphone Ulefone Power 2  to turn off automatically while it is 7% power.

Also you can see that in video they checked the power charging speed at 20 minutes, 40 minutes, 50 minutes, 1 hour, 80 minutes, and 100 minutes. And as conclusion we can see clearly say that K6000 Plus charger is faster than Power 2 charger.

But this is not all because in video they also compare the camera, or in other words how they takes photos outside at different locations. Also as conclusion they say that K6000 Plus gets better control in color and brightness.

Last but not the less important is the thickness and weight. As we already know K6000 Plus has a larger battery capacity but at the same time it has thinner body and lighter weight.

Also at this moment K6000 Plus is very hot smartphone, and it is selected as the Smartphone of Week. Which you can buy now at very affordable price of $166.99 at Gearbest shop.