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Xiaomi Mi 6 – Internationale version 6GB RAM – 64GB ROM now on sale!



Xiaomi Mi 6 - Internationale version

We believe that now is a great chance to buy Xiaomi Mi 6 Internationale version because at this moment it is on sale with huge price drop. So we are writing this article because Chinese online shop Gearbest is selling this flagship phone at flash sale price now for a limited number.

For more information about this promotion you can visit this link here at Gearbest.

But let’s say a few words about Xiaomi Mi 6, because want to admit it or not this smartphone is really the most powerful device with Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset including impressive 6GB of RAM at this moment.

Xiaomi Mi 6 on sale

Also when we speak about storage space it is actually available with 64GB ROM, and with 128GB ROM. So actually it is up to you which one is more convenient for you.  Besides that it looks awesome, and gives premium feeling.

But there is more becuase Mi 6 Internationale version has dual rear camera setup, or in other words it has two rear cameras with 12 megapixel sensor.

Indeed it is not surprising for us that Xiaomi is very popular in the world.