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HONOR Choice – HONOR Your Smart Home



Photo: HONOR

Last year, HONOR officially announced the 1+8+N All-Scenario Smart Life Strategy in overseas markets, with the smartphone as the main portal, eight categories of in-house devices as assistant portals and a wide range of IoT products from our partners. We are striving to expand our product portfolios to further build up the smart life ecosystem.

As part of the HONOR smart life ecosystem, HONOR Choice includes a full range of best-in-class smart products produced by well-known manufactures covering Smart Home, Sports, Entertainment, Technology and Travel. HONOR Choice shows the brand’s commitment to more innovations in various products as well as reflects HONOR’s chic and human-centric design philosophy. Leveraging innovative technologies such as HUAWEI HiLink, HONOR Choice enables a seamless smart connection to contribute to a fully-integrated experience.

Photo: HONOR

All-Around TWS Earbuds X1 with Up to 24hr Battery Life

Featuring a dual-microphone, TWS Earbuds X1 can deliver superb sound quality to effectively reduce the environmental noise during calls or while listening to music. Powered by a new binaural synchronous transmission technology, TWS Earbuds X1 is able to transmit sound signals with extremely low latency to ensure a lag-free experience.

With the 24 hours of superior battery life, the earbuds can easily get you through all-day activities. HONOR TWS Earbuds X1 is a solid option with excellent value.

Powerful Smart Vaccum to Ensure a Clean and Healthy Home

Housework is a challenging task when the family is spending more time at home. Powered by 350W 100,000rpm motor, the Smart Vaccum has powerful suction and mopping technology with up to 65mins battery life. It also features an ultraviolet-sterilization cleansing system to effectively eliminate bacteria on different surfaces.

In addition to performing well on multiple cleansing tasks, the Smart Vaccum can automatically detect and calculate your calorie consumption as well as transfer the timely data to HUAWEI HiLink for you to check your workout performance too. You can easily get the lightweight, versatile vacuum with multiple cleaning functions and smart home compatibility.

Other Smart Devices to Maintain a Healthy Routine

Smart gadgets can ease your workload of housework and enable a more comfortable vibe. A series of new products promise to offer a seamless solution and a more convenient life for managing numerous connected smart devices including Air Multiplier, Humidifier, Desk Lamp, Electronic Toothbrush and Smart Kettle.

Air Multiplier

Air Multiplier has relatively slim silver chassis that can fit into most rooms without obstructing the furniture or getting blocked itself. With bladeless turbocharging technology, you can always get air-current coverage no matter where you’re seated making it ideal for living rooms or even open-plan apartments. Moreover, the air is designed to flow consistently keeping a room at your desired temperature.


Some people experience respiratory symptoms in the summer months, the Humidifier can help to keep the air moist. With a 3-liter tank and 400 ml/h humidity capacity, it’s perfect for bedrooms, offices and medium-sized rooms. The top-mounted clear tank shows clearly its water levels, allowing users to keep track of the next refill time. And it is equipped with an anti-bacterial design to effectively reduce the growth of bacteria.

Smart Desk Lamp

The lighting in a room can affect your mood. This sleek and modernistic Smart Desk Lamp can produce soft light with three-dimension lighting technology to make sure every shade of light is even. It can cover up to 1.12m diameter area which achieves a higher standard of China’s AA protection standard for the lamp. With the TÜV Eye Comfort Certification, the Smart Desk Lamp can emit far less blue light to create a clam work environment where you can focus and be productive.

Smart Ultra-Sonic Toothbrush

The Smart Ultra-Sonic Toothbrush features a curved design that helps reduce the number of bacteria attached to the toothbrush. Its sonic technology provides deep clean experience and you can get familiar with this perfect tool with smart blushing guides provided by HiLink. With the in-wall toothbrush charger, the Smart Ultra-Sonic Toothbrush can be easily installed to keep your bathroom tidy and provides a powerful cleaning experience for up to 30 days with a single charge.

Smart Kettle

Powered by 1800W heat source, the Smart Kettle is quick to boil and you can set it boiling remotely regardless of where you are from your smartphone with HiLink. On top of that, you can enjoy smart temperature control and dechlorination to satisfy your daily water needs.